Fibrin Glue Vs Vicryl (10-0) Suture in Limbo Conjunctival Autograft in the Management of Primary Pterygium : A Prospective Comparative Study


Kshitij Parekh
Mrunal S. Patil
Dhiraj Balwir


Background: Pterygium is a wing shaped fibrovascular tissues proliferation from the conjunctiva on to the cornea. There is no satisfactory treatment for pterygium available yet. Among the available treatments, surgical treatment is better than medical treatment. Pterygium excision with graft placement is the preferred technique. Here, a comparative study is done between graft placement by suture and glue technique. Aims and Objective: To compare fibrin glue and suture technique for the treatment of pterygium in terms of: 1. operation time. 2. Post operative comfort level 3. Recurrence. Material and Methods: Total of 60 patients with primary pterygium, 30 in each group with fibrin glue -Group A and 10-0 vicryl suture -Group B were taken in the study. The study was conducted between august 2014 to September 2016. Results: Mean operating time was 30 minutes in fibrin glue group and 47 minutes in suture operative comfort level was significantly different in second follow up recurrence rate was 0 in both group. Conclusion: Fibrin glue is a better technique in terms of operating time and post operative comfort level of the patient.


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Parekh, K., Patil, M. S., & Balwir, D. (2017). Fibrin Glue Vs Vicryl (10-0) Suture in Limbo Conjunctival Autograft in the Management of Primary Pterygium : A Prospective Comparative Study. MVP Journal of Medical Sciences, 148–151. Retrieved from


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